Sunday, 25 September 2011


Day 6

So I figured I should try a new rig, and thought that this "pose a day" would be the perfect oppurtunity to get used to it before starting a new shot. There's a number of reasons why I thought I should use a new rig. Firstly I think it's just great experience for if I ever get a job in a studio. Secondly, my idea for my new shot is some intense body mechanics, and (as much as I love Bishop) I think the physicality of this new guy is much better suited. Thirdly...the rig looks freakin AWESOME!!!

Morpheus has kindly been made available by Josh Burton. There's some great videos he's made to help get started, which I need to watch as this pose was pretty tough going. There's a whole load of new controls to get used to.'s todays work

You know...every time I look at these poses posted up here it becomes so apparant that I could still push them so much more. Something to work on :)

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