Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I'm back!

I think the majority of my posts here start with "It's been ages since I posted..." and this is no exception. It has been ages, and a ton of awesome stuff has happened.

I graduated Animation Mentor!! :D Went to San Francisco for an amazing graduation and met a TON of awesome people. I finished my reel, and got a brand spanking new website. So...where to start?

I am officially an AM alumni now :) Not only that, but I won an award for the most entertaining video reference!!I got to go on stage, shake hands with the awesome Travis Tohill...and I had to give a speech! The graduation was such a motivating, inspirational event. I'm so proud to have been a part of it. There was so much talent and creativity and love and respect in one room. It was great to meet and mingle with so many likeminded people, all with such a huge passion for the art. I wish all of you good luck with all of your future ventures. And to any current students that may stumble across this, I cannot recommend it anough. Go! You'll have a blast! San Francisco's a beautiful, diverse city, and a great backdrop for such an incredible course/group of people. It was a week of beer drinking, doughnut eating, hill walking, studio touring, sunburnt fun. I loved it!

So...after all that fun, it was back to work. I had to finish my reel, and I'd started a new shot as well. It's all done, and I'm pretty pleased with it. I think the last shot could do with some work, but for now I've put it to rest. I'm trying to get some ideas together for a new shot, so any ideas would be welcome. I'm thinking I'm gonna do another body mechanics shot, or maybe a pantomime, and then a new dialogue shot afterwards. Watch this space. It may be a while before I post again ;)

And finally...my new website!!! :D

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