Monday, 23 November 2009

Do the robot...

So this is the assignment I was looking forward to the most. I had a whole bunch of ideas going in to it, and I played around for a while and though I'd go for a more natural movement, nothing too robotty (I may have just made that word up!?) I ran into so many problems though. With every assignment I'm pushing myself to do better and there was points in this I was getting the point where I cut out a whole chunk and redid it. I think that was a valuable lesson. It just sucked though, I had that moment where I thought to myself..."perhaps I'm not cut out to be an animator?" I gotta remember though to take baby steps and nail the basics. Anyhoo...I've said too much! Here's the blocking for my robot arm. It's probably "blocked" a bit too much, but I've got this weird work flow at the moment. Gotta sort that out!

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