Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!! :D

I know I'm one day late, buy Happy New Year everyone!!! I don't generally make new years resolutions, but I saw on my friend Leon Gittens' blog that he decided to sketch every day, and post the results up. I thought this was an awesome idea. I need the practice for you'll see ;) and I'm hoping it'll show some progress. Trying to get inspiration yesterday I came across this blog by Kendra Melton who was doing a gesture drawing class held by Mark McDonnell, who I mentioned in an earlier post. I just thought..."This is how I wanna draw!" I love the looseness and quality of the lines. The character of each person is totally caught, and the poses are excellent. I think it's awesome training for animation. In fact, if I'm thinking right, Mark McDonnell is an artist for Disney. Sweet! :) So here's my first sketches. I found it hard to find something I wanted to draw. Perhaps I shouldn't be so choosey :P Afterall, the point of me doing this isn't to produce a masterpiece every time. It's an attempt to improve my drawing skills and be able to improve my planning...and to have fun :)

Other exciting news is that I start back to AM tomorrow!!! Woot :D I can't wait to get stuck into animating the face and mouth of my last assignment. AND finding out who my mentor is and my classmates. Exciting times!!! :D It's funny...having just looked at the video of my shot, it's not as bad as I remember :) haha. It's amazing how a bit of time away from your shot can change your perception. There's still some work I wanna do. I need to up the ease-ins to some poses, and I'm thinking the arm needs to speed up as he's picking the glass up, but I'm glad to have had a bit of time away from it :D Here it is...

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