Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dialogue Shot Blocking

Who knew it would be so hard to find a 10 second piece of dialogue for this assignment?! But was tough! I guess what made it harder is that it has to excite you, after all we'll be working on it for I think 10 weeks or something? Plus it helps if it contains subtext, interesting phrasing and the such. There were loads of fairly monotone, continuous babbles, and a bunch of other stuff that wasn't fun or suitable, but I settled on a piece by Chevy Chase from Caddyshack :) I made a point of not watching the clip it was taken from cause I didn't wanna get influenced by the acting at all. It's so cool because you can get to entirely create the character, the location and the situation he/she's in.'s the blocking for it:


  1. Duuuude! How'd your blog escape my clutches for so long!?...Fear not, I'm a dedicated (well, as much as I can be given my limited free time) follower now.
    Great work on this, its nice and subtle... lots of character. I love it, its gonna be great!