Tuesday, 15 June 2010

*In my finest Gordon Ramsay voice* "Class 2...done"

End of class 2 already. For anyone reading this that isn't in AM feel free to leave me a note as to what's been going on in the world. I seemed to have missed it all over the last 12 weeks. It's crazy how quickly time goes, and how much of it I spend sat in front of my computer. Don't get me wrong though...I LOVE it! I actually get so excited to jump out of bed and get to work on my shots. So much so that I constantly forget I've even got this blog :D Anyhoo...here's my progress reel for Class 2: Psychology of Body Mechanics. As always there's some stuff I'd go back and change. Definitely, definitely, definitely gonna keep it simple for class 3 :D


  1. thanks and nice job on completing class 2

  2. hi matt,
    Ur story is truly inspiring to all the artist..chasing ur dreams of becoming an animator.
    great :)
    n ur at the right place to learn it ^_^
    Looking forward for some great stuff from u..

  3. Wow! Matt your progress reel looks great! I love your class 2 stuff, especially assignment 3! :)

  4. Hi Matt,
    Just started following your blog, Excellent work. Keep it up, particularly this update, that dance is superb, did you find the reference yourself or was it given?