Sunday, 25 April 2010

Class 2 Week 1 - 4

Whew...can you believe it's week 4 already?! It's gone so quick so far. Kinda frightening. I'm hoping that by around the ned of class 3 I'll be in a position to start applying for jobs in games studios...although the dream of course is to move to the States and work for one of the big studios. Man, just thinking about it gets me so excited!!! :D I kinda turn into this big kid with a huge dumb grin on my face :)'s my final for this assignment. Not hugely satisfied with it, but maybe I'm being too hard on myself? It's one of those things. I'll be staring at it for hours and hours and I'll be thinking "there's something not right..." but I can't figure it out. Then I'll go away and come back later and be all like "actually...thats pretty good" :D I think thats a massive lesson to learn, to take a break and come back later. To see your work with fresh eyes. And also to post your work up for other AMers to take a peek at. They'll be noticing stuff I hadn't even thought of :) Such an awesome, supportive community. Man...I'm so priveleged to be a part of it :D

On a totally different note, I saw the funniest word on my friend Zada's blog...craptastic! :D It makes me chuckle every time I say it :) I urge you all to use it more often :) hehe...

I'm gonna leave you with a YouTube clip about Disney's new World of Color attraction. Just watching this leaves me speechless. If I ever got a chance to see this I'd be that big kid with a dumb grin on my face again :)

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