Sunday, 13 December 2009

Prep and Landing

Just finished watching Disney's Prep and Landing and man...I was blown away! These guys really are back on top form. It was such a great, heart-warming story which kinda reminded me of stuff I used to watch as a kid. Stuff like they don't do anymore. I'm such a kid, and I freakin' LOVE Disney AND Christmas, so this was perfect for me. Amazing animation, stunning visuals, great gags...just plain awesome! Seriously...check it out. The main character is Wayne, who after working for 227 years as part of the elite "Prep and Landing" crew for the big man himself, is sure he's up for promotion. Unfortunately it goes to his partner, and the guy he trained up, Robertson. Dismayed and given a new rookie partner, Lammy, who's not the brightest of fairy lights, Wayne heads out once again, this time with a little less spring in his step. Hilarity and action ensue as they team up to try and save Timmys Christmas. Hmm...reading this in my head I sound like one of those movie trailer voice-over guys! :) "Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit!" :) Haha! Ok...I'm off to get some figgy pudding. Happy holidays everone...


  1. dude i saw it too!

    my mentor worked on it!

  2. You're kidding? Man...thats awesome! Whats his/her name? Argh...I can't wait to start AM!!! Only 3 weeks left :D

  3. dude find me on AM when u get to log in!