Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Week 12

So...class 1 is over. What a ride it's been already! I've met some awesome people, learnt a ton, worked my ass off, and had a blast doing it :) I'm really gonna try and post here more often for the next class. I'm gonna try and raise my game too. I really didn't value how important planning was until the last assignment...the character walk. It was a 2 week assignment and the first weeks work had to be scrapped because my planning sucked and the blocking sucked too! So I literally had to start from scratch and condense 2 weeks work into 1! So I'm pretty stoked with the result...even though it's not perfect. Without further's my class 1 progress reel:

Enjoy :)


  1. Hey Matt!! Wow can you believe how fast Class 1 flew by?! I can hardly wait for Class 2. It's going to be INSANE. Awesome work this past quarter-it'll be cool to see what you come up with for class 2. See ya around campus.

  2. Nice progress reel Dude. Good luck for Next term and, Cheers!!! for being in the same class :D